Andy Murray Stays British Until 2017.

Andy Murray Stays British Until 2017.

Grumpy tennis player, Andy Murray is set to remain British during the tennis off-season by finishing as the worlds number one ranked mens tennis player this year.

Murray, 29, who famously once said he would support whoever England were playing at the football after Scotland failed to qualify for a tournament and is known to support Scottish independence, has now denounced his heritage and become a British citizen at least until the 2017 tennis season begins again in January.

Having beaten rival Novak Djokovic in straight sets at the ATP tour finals last night, Murray cemented his place as world no.1 and all-round British hero; at least until he loses again or says something The Sun doesn’t like.

Murray who won Wimbledon and retained the Olympic title this year along with five other ATP wins is now also being touted as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year for a third time to which he has responded ‘winning it once was a bit of a bit weird, winning it a second time was funny, now they’re just taking the pish‘.

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