Bob Dylanbot Finally Runs Out of Battery Power

Bob Dylanbot Finally Runs Out of Battery Power

Whilst Bob Dylan’s failure to as yet acknowledge his award of the Nobel Prize for Literature has been branded “impolite and arrogant” by a member of the body that awards it; some people are starting to wonder whether or not his life-like Robot has finally broken down.

Having not received any formal acknowledgement by the rock legend, the Body that awards the prize feel a bit put out but some experts have formed a different premise as to why the “75 year old” has yet to make any comment.

A robotics expert who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals has come forward stating that the Bob Dylanbot, Mark 15 was never meant to last this long and that having given the robot all of Bob Dylan’s “personality and looks” it was only a matter of time before the robot ran out of power ‘we just didn’t think about the fact the Bob Dylanbot would have such a long lifespan, it was only supposed to play his songs at Glastonbury and smile benevolently until 2010‘ he continued ‘when we activated it, everything seemed fine at first but we put Duracell batteries into it instead of the shitty generic ones and it just kept on working, even coming up with new songs!‘.

When asked about the whereabouts of the Real Bob Dylan the expert, who looked visibly relieved said ‘No-one knows, but we’ve heard he’s possibly teaching the Dalai Lama how to do Roly Polys in India somewhere; but at least now we can keep working on the Keith Richards, Mark 178!‘.

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