Sun Backlash on Freedom of Speech

Sun Backlash on Freedom of Speech

Quality newspaper, The Sun has finally morphed into just another parody paper as it turned on the whole world for having an opinion. 

Turning it’s limited attention span to celebrities such as Gary Lineker and Lily Allen for having opinions and sympathy for refugees coming into Britain from war-torn Syria, The Sun branded them leftie luvvies and even called for Lineker, 55 to be sacked from his ‘plum job’ at MOTD – that’s Match of the Day for people that can’t read good and stuff.

Lineker has been defended by a host of celebrities including Alastair Campbell who tweeted “how dare @GaryLineker have humane and intelligent opinions? Doesn’t he know these aren’t allowed in Brexit Britain?”

The Sun also reported that Jeremy Corbyn, winner of two leadership elections was ‘a dud’and a ‘left wing whinger’ because he also supported Mr Lineker’s and Ms Allen’s point of view.

The Sun, which is owned by tax-avoiding Alien overlord, Rupert Murdoch and has been known to hack the phones of dead girls for the sake of a sleazy headline, recently slipped to 2nd in terms of sales behind another right wing rag, The Daily Hate Mail, continues to bleat on about freedom of speech whilst simultaneously slagging off those with opinions which aren’t wildly further right than those of Nigel Farage; seems fair.

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