Tube Chat Organiser Still not Popular For Some Reason

Tube Chat Organiser Still not Popular For Some Reason

The man behind the badges encouraging people to chat to each other on the tube says he thought it’d be a lot more fun than it’s actually turned out to be.

Jonathan Dunce, originally from the USA where total strangers talk to each other all the time says it was difficult to get strangers in London to even take a badge let alone actually want to talk to each other on a packed sweaty tube.

I could have been handing out £5 notes and would probably have still got the same response, i’d say I had a 20/80 percent split with 20% thinking it’s nice and the other 80% trying to force-choke me with their eyes!

Mr Dunce says he came up with the idea a couple of months ago at work when an event he helped plan didn’t go very well; “we had organised a kind of staff olympics but having given everybody a day off, no-one turned up; those that did turn up just didn’t participate” he continued talking even as we shifted about trying to ignore him “people are very uncomfortable to talk to each other, i don’t know if it’s a London thing but i’ll see people i work with in the street and we’ll just ignore each other!”

We asked some of Mr Dunce’s co-workers about this and they roundly condemned him whilst not wanting to be named saying “he’s like verbally assaulting me, man, the bastard just won’t shut up and he stands really really close to you when he talks!” another pointed out “we generally ignore the committee dweebs, after all, they were stupid enough to give us a day off, what did they expect?

Mr Dunce has been facing some resistance closer to home too “My wife is a big introvert too and the thought of her having to talk to me is frankly alien to her, she’d hate it!” he said without a hint of irony.

But Mr Dunce says he will continue to terrorise his wife and the general public with yet more badges “she frowned at me when she saw the first lot of badges, she hasn’t seen the second lot yet! We’re about £200 in now

I thought this would just be a bit of fun but it wasn’t a massively well thought out plan, if i’m honest” even now he continues speaking “I’ve tried to do some social media stuff for work but i’m not very good at it” Jonathan says “i’d never thought about searching for tube chat on the internet but when i finally did all the sites were of an adult nature, oops!”

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