Headteacher Sends Kids Home In Picture Row

Headteacher Sends Kids Home In Picture Row

A headteacher has become embroiled in a row with parents over their lack of first day at school photos on Facebook.

Matthew Tate, the headteacher of Hartswood Academy in Margate sent 50 pupils home on Tuesday because their parents had not shared their little darlings first day at school photo on the popular social networking site.

Tate said ‘we contacted parents over the summer holidays to make sure that they would have their photos ready on Facebook but it seems some of them did not take heed‘ Tate continued ‘Parents posting photos on Facebook are known to be much better parents than others and it helps the children be accepted into their peer groups‘.

What’s an Instagram?

One angry parent who actively refused to take a photo was quoted as saying, ‘In my day all we had was a yearly school photo that we had to look stupid for, now it seems that we have to share every moment of little Haydens life on Facebook, i don’t even have a Facebook!

When asked about the angry parents Tate replied ‘We had a small minority of parents who were unhappy about having to post pictures of their kids on Facebook but we’ve had a big minority of parents calling us up in support, after all who wants to have their kids sitting next to a child whose parents don’t know what Facebook is? that’s just lazy parenting!’

The row is ongoing.


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