Allardyce : I’m Just the Manager

Allardyce : I’m Just the Manager

New England boss, Sam Allardyce, 61 responded to questions about the role Wayne Rooney plays in the team by telling the press “it’s his ball, he can play where he likes“.

Allardyce revealed that he’d tried telling the Captain to play up front during training last week but it just resulted in Rooney throwing a tantrum by picking up the ball and walking off with it, the last thing he was heard screaming was “it’s MY game, it’s MY ball and i’ll play where I want!“, Allardyce continued “fair play to the lad, i’m just the manager, nobody expects me to know what i’m on about; it’s not for me to say where he should play it’s for me to ask if there’s another player with a football who can bring it to training next time, then we’ll see!“.

Alright, tell Rashford if he brings his ball with him, i’ll give him a game…

Rooney’s position has been under almost constant scrutiny since he was caught having sex with a granny at a Liverpool brothel, it’s said he likes the massages with girls wearing rubber catsuits; he scores when he wants does our Wayne.

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