MP in Surprising Sex Scandal

MP in Surprising Sex Scandal

Member of Parliament for Leicester East, Keith Vaz is to step down as Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee as The Sunday Mirror has exposed him as using male prostitutes in his London flat. 

In what is said to be a really surprising turn of events, the outspoken MP, who was actively warning against bringing in a law to prosecute people who pay for sex has been outed by a newspaper for using prostitutes and the sex drug, poppers at his London flat.

Vaz : Do you know what a Vazjazzle is?

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Mr Vaz apologised for the hurt and distress caused to his wife and kids but didn’t bother denying the allegations instead choosing to refer the allegations to his lawyer “i have referred these allegations to my solicitor who will decide which sordid details will be published for money i need now that my career is effectively over”

The recordings of Mr Vaz also include him offering to cover the cost of Coke but he insisted he would not do any himself; Mr Vaz famously objected to a coke truck visiting Leicester fearing that it would be handing out Coke to kids!

In yet more scandalous behaviour he also pretended to be a washing machine salesman with his two rentboys, a respectable job which helps keep it’s clients washing whiter than white; we await more dirty laundry…


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